Speaking assessment feedback with Showbie

When we conduct KS3 speaking assessments, teachers generally bring each student to a corner of the class (or just outside) and have an unrecorded conversation. Some teachers tick boxes or otherwise take notes on a paper rubric while this is happening. I have never really liked doing this, preferring to concentrate on what the student is saying, and recording the dialogue to listen to later for considered grading and feedback. This time I used Showbie to make this process easier. I created an assignment in Showbie called Speaking Assessment, and in the class shared folder space put a screenshot of the rubric. As each student sat down, I opened their folder within that assignment and recorded our conversation using the Voice comment feature. Later, at home, I played each recording, simultaneously noting good structures with my stylus on the copy of the rubric in their folder.
Next time, I will get student to listen to themselves and fill the rubric in , I will only add things they missed, both positive aspects and areas for improvement.
Watch the clip to see how I do it

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