I am a Microsoft Expert, Fellow and Trainer, as well as an Apple trainer, and am equally comfortable and experienced in training educators in the use of Google apps.

Having left Singapore in July 2020, I am now available for training in the UK, based in Dorset.

I was a French and Spanish teacher from 1989 to 2020, teaching to GCSE, A Level and IB in both languages. I started at Monmouth School for Boys (Wales) and then held Head of Modern Languages posts at Saltus Grammar School (Bermuda), Brentwood School (Essex) and Cayman Prep and High School (Cayman Islands).

I then spent 9 years as Director of Languages at Tanglin Trust School (Singapore) before changing career path to become the Senior School’s Head of  Faculty for Technology for Learning in 2011.

I planned and implemented a 1 to 1 iPad strategy in Years 7 to 11 at Tanglin Trust School which then became a Pen-enabled device strategy and programme from Years 7 to 13, with a strong rationale based on the cognitive power of handwriting and of visual thinking. This included moving teachers to Windows 10 pen-enabled devices, untethering them from the whiteboard, along with the schoolwide adoption of Microsoft’s OneNote class notebooks to achieve seamless planning and workflow, with the integration of cloud file sharing and communication via Sharepoint and Teams.

I was responsible for training teachers in the effective use of technology, regularly delivering CPD internally and across the region.

You can contact me at stevemorgantraining@gmail.com or stevemorgantraining@outlook.com