Student tech leaders in action again..

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Introducing Edmodo…
by Louis M, Y7

In weeks 4 and 5, during our senior lunch hour, we (the team of 20 Year 7 student tech leaders) visited the Year 6 unit to give students a taster of Edmodo, the Senior School’s social learning network. The Technology for Learning teachers, assisted by the Head and Assistant Head of Year 7, Mr Edwards and Mrs Biddles, started by explaining how the platform is used in the Seniors, then walked the students through the signup process. Then we all helped the Juniors complete a scavenger hunt activity in which they needed to find found out for themselves how to use the key functions of Edmodo. We noticed that the Juniors couldn’t help but use text talk and emojis to begin with but they soon got into good habits! They were obviously right at home with this platform and were excited by it. This time next year some of them will be helping the next lot of Juniors use Edmodo!

Student tech leaders in action

Excellent day today. Our 20 Y7 tech leaders helped us get the Y6 students signed up and doing a familiarisation ‘scavenger hunt’ on Edmodo. Very interesting to see how the Y6 students really really struggled to avoid ‘text talk’, abbreviations, emoticons etc in their early posts to the group! It’s in their genes!!

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Collaborative brainstorming with Padlet

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Enjoyed this activity today: I needed to recap what leisure activities my Y7 students could remember in French before introducing them to the simple Future tense. I made a shared wall on, shared the url with them on edmodo and they had to add a verb and an image whilst trying not to duplicate those being posted by other students. They worked out very easily how to add images from their camera roll. The major advantages of this over a regular verbal or whiteboard brainstorming session were that the kids were doing the work, that they came up with a much wider range of activities than normal, that it was anonymous and that they all had a great resource to refer to when they they made up their future tense sentences later. Result!! Here is the wall they populated.