Students as digital leaders

Had a great meeting this afternoon with my subject-specific technology reps…one of them fed back from a three-day iPad workshop he attended. Highlights for development for us out of this opportunity are:
– Enabling students to be authors, using BookCreator for example to have audio, text, video and photos and then having students publish their work as a regular iBook. Also, the creative use of templates in Pages and Keynote to make static worksheets become living multimedia documents
– QR codes as a simple way of reassuring observers and managers that students’ otherwise less visible, but extremely valuable, digital creations are linked to in good old-fashioned exercise books, on walls etc!
– iMovie: the need to set clearer guidelines for departments who use this, both in terms of task rigour and achievement criteria, of which we can share good examples, and in terms of how the work is submitted to the teacher. We think we should get parent permission for students to use Vimeo, as it is free, is not blocked in school, kids can upload direct from iMovie and this will free a lot of memory on the iPad.

In addition, we made some decisions on how to recruit for our planned student ‘tech ninja’ team. We will have 2 students for each of the Faculties, they will work with the adult tech reps to identify opportunities for tech integration in the curriculum, run student help clinics, make app videotutorials etc. Applicants will need to make a 1 minute online presentation of some sort..we also want to think about how to reward them in some way..maybe Tech Ninja t-shirts, lunch passes?

20130130-044548 PM.jpg

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