iPads in French

Today was about introducing my Year 7s to the joy of Perfect Tense verbs conjugated with être as the auxiliary! First we recapped last lesson by using Socrative for them to discuss and post in pairs a definition of the Perfect tense with an example sentence using avoir. After the allotted 5 minutes I had them vote on the most effective definition, which handily proved to be the one that did actually include all the key concepts and terminology from last lesson.
Then, to introduce verbs that take être, instead of the usual ‘here are the most common verbs, you can learn them as DR MRS VANDERTRAMP’, I took a different tack.
I found this video on YouTube, downloaded it using KeepVid as YouTube is blocked in my school, and posted it to the class edmodo page. Students had to plug in headphones, watch and try to sing along at their own pace, noting down the verbs then using the internet in table groups to find both the English meaning and the correct Past Participle. This was preceded by a useful discussion about the most effective way to search for things like French grammar points. It always pleasantly surprises me by how much kids like to sing and although the song is quite fast, many were able to sing this by the end of the activity.

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