iPads in German

by Jack C

The Senior School at Tanglin has always offered amazing opportunities such as sport and academic competitions, but this year school has introduced something even more exciting. This year, Year 7 students were given iPads to trial for use in class and at home. It was hard to contain our excitement when we first found out, and we couldn’t wait to hear about how we would be using our new technology…

We use our iPads in every subject including languages. We use the iPad to save our work easily, do it more efficiently and be creative. This technology has made school more interesting and helped with learning. In German this year we have used many apps. The main ones that we have used so far include ‘Educreations’, ‘Christmas Card Creator’ and ‘Skitch’. Of course, there are also others that are generic and used across many other subjects.

‘Educreations’ is an app that helps you record voice while writing on the screen at the same time. You can place photos too! Having ‘Educreations’ in our German lesson has helped a lot. For example, we recently finished covering personal information (where you live, name, age etc.). In this topic, we used educreations to make a quick presentation of ourselves in conversation about our details. ‘Skitch’ is an app that helps with diagrams, pictures and slides. On this app you can draw arrows anywhere, as well as hand draw with the pen feature. This has been really helpful when we were learning numbers because we used it as a whiteboard. I think that Skitch has improved our skills in numbers and letters very effectively. Finally, we have the ‘Christmas Card Creator’. As the name suggests, we used this to make virtual Christmas cards written in German for our family and friends. This was fun as well as educational. We were able to decorate the card and write the message in German which was a challenge, but in the end we all got it.

In conclusion I think that the iPads have been a great addition to the lessons, not just because they are fun but because we can do so many interesting things to help us learn.

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