iPads in English

Have been looking today, with an English department colleague, at apps for making non-linear notes on characters, plot, themes etc. The free mind-mapping tool Popplet Lite is perfect as the ideas can be moved around and linked, to include pics, drawings and text. This way of collating thoughts and visuals can be really powerful, and sharing with peers or teachers is as easy as emailing or saving to camera roll and posting on Edmodo. Of course, popplets can also be printed off to go in exercise book…or a QR code could go in the book..or on a wall display for all to see..so many options!

When students are ready to produce some analysis they can use this as a prompt for creating a multimedia flyer on www.smore.com, which can then be shared online, or in the same way as the Popplets described above.

20130124-100827 PM.jpg

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