Week 9: Humanities

Over the past three weeks Year 7 students have had great learning opportunities using their iPads in their humanities lessons of history and geography. Fieldtrips around the school have been enhanced as the camera tool has allowed students to capture their observations and then present their findings using apps such as Skitch or Educreations. In geography lessons students have developed their GIS (Geography Information Systems) skills using Google Earth and images of the school. Students investigated and identified the changes around the school site and then created their own maps and presentations. Use of apps like iMaps, Map my Distance and Compass have helped to really open up the world to their eyes. In history the Pages app was used to develop creativity and detail in a writing task on students’ own myth or legend. By using recordable whiteboards students have been voicing their opinions and making observations on historical sources and events. Great leaps forward have been taken in a short period of time with a new generation of Senior School students emerging – exciting times ahead!

Leslea Allen, Tech rep for Humanities

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