Week 8: Music

Year 7 Students are arriving in Music lessons with their iPads, eager to learn how they can be used as a music-making tool and full of ideas for how they can improve their performances and compositions. Students completed a solo or group performance during the first six weeks of term and these were recorded with their iPads and then uploaded to Edmodo on the same day so students could watch back their performances and analyse strengths and areas for improvement for themselves and others. Many students noticed aspects about their technique, expression and performance skills which just would not have been possible from listening to an audio recording. It has also allowed students to have dialogues with each other and Music staff without having to wait for our weekly Music lesson. Students have also begun using the Garage Band app to create, edit and record music to a standard which would have required a roomful of expensive specialist equipment a few years ago. They can record soundtracks to films, practise a virtual instrument, work on their music theory, and listen to music at any time they like at school and at home. After half term, Year 7 will be using Garage Band to record or compose a piece of Programme Music and will then vote through Edmodo on who has produced the most creative and captivating piece of Music at the end of the project.


Will Hyland, Tech rep for Music

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