MFL Battleships on the iPad

20130827-062704 PM.jpg
Enjoyed today with my French activity on today’s rotation was for them to play the classic battleships game to reinforce key vocabulary of Aller plus country names, using the template I had put together on Apple’s Numbers app, probably one of the least exploited apps from last year’s pilot. The benefits of having it on the iPad were several-fold: using the pop-up menu of the app students could tap the blank cells where they wanted to place their boats. Once the game was started, each player could guess where their partner had a boat hidden and, depending on the answer, could register a hit or a miss, again using the pop-up menu. After 10 minutes, whoever had located the most boats was the winner, and it was then a cinch to ‘clear the board’. One thing more..the partner had to agree that their opponent had used the correct preposition of en, au or aux before their chosen country….

20130827-063455 PM.jpg

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