Aurasma teaching tip

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My TFL (Technology for Learning) colleagues and I took the plunge and ran an introduction to Augmented Reality session with the whole Senior School staff this morning as our contribution to the weekly internal staff teaching tip programme we have. After thanking the TFL team and all staff for making our iPad pilot year such a success, I briefly explained the concept and potential of augmented reality and then we let everyone loose.

We had examples spread all over the place from all the Faculty areas, 17 images triggering videos of students discussing their work, teachers explaining concepts, open day recruitment videos, etc

Obviously, as images can link to anything, the wider potential across the school is huge…pop-up instructions on how to use PE, Science or first-aid equipment, interactive points around the school for visitors, talking departmental and option evening displays, singing concert posters…you name it.

The technology worked flawlessly and there was a really good buzz. Best outcome? I could see quite a few teachers trying straightaway to make their own auras and many others came up and demanded training!! Always the best way round for CPD!

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