iPads in English

20130309-080656 AM.jpg

by Katie and Ayisha

‘The iPads have been a benefit because they are so easy to carry around and instead of wasting paper by printing 24 sheets out each lesson, we use the iPads to open worksheets and edit them. Another useful app is ‘Pages’ as most of our English sheets and homework are found on ‘Pages’ and if we want to share them or show them to our teacher we drop them into ‘Webdav’ – a file app- and the teacher can get it and can mark it from there!

Movies have been simple to make because you just film your scenes using the iPad video camera, and then edit them in the ‘iMovie’ app, cropping and editing your takes and even adding music and sound effects. It is easy to export the finished video too, you can either upload it to something like Dropbox, or save it to your camera roll and drop it into ‘WebDav’ for classmates or teachers to see. Students now have a Vimeo account to make sharing even easier. We just recently made an iMovie about ‘A Christmas Carol’. We used iMovie to take videos, edit it and in the end we made quite a good short clip of a scene in the book, with our own comments.’

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