iPads in Science

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Mealworms Practical:

‘What we had to do was state what we had to investigate. We had to show our method using a number of pictures describing what we did. We had to type and video a hypothesis which we then imported into Pages. Just below we had to type our results beside a chart showing the amount of worms in different environments. Below that chart we had to do a table showing the results which you got and the class average and beside that we had to do a conclusion saying what happened and how your result were different to what you predicted.

I think the iPad came in very useful as when we had to record data it was very easy and accessible. I also think the iPads were useful as we could easily take a good quality photo and import the photo into Pages. Videos on the iPad have a good quality microphone which captures your voice very well as well as having loud, clear speakers that produces voices very clearly. The camera is very good because it captures quite a lot and it can easily focus on one specific face or object. The camera is very useful as there are on two sides of your iPad which is very handy because we needed to video ourselves saying a hypothesis and pictures of the mealworms; it is also useful as the camera can control the lighting to a suitable standard. The keyboard is very easy and accessible as it will come up with a single touch of where you need to type and the keyboard is very clearly laid out with a good size, so when we are in a hurry we can type fast and accurately.’

Shaylan, Year 7

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