iPads in Art


This term Year 7 students have been learning about a range of artists and cultures in Art, and the iPad continues to be an exciting and creative part of the curriculum. Here is what one student had to say:

“In the last couple of weeks, my Art class and I have been working with clay, using different techniques to mold, shape and mark. We used iMovie to produce our own tutorials, instructing others how to incise, roll and appliqué. In my opinion, this was a lot more fun than just teacher instruction and to be able to explain these skills added to our understanding. Using the iPads in this fun and exciting way enabled us to utilize the technology we have at our fingertips.”

In other classes students have been learning about how a journey is expressed in Aboriginal Art and in the work of British artist Richard Long. Students have recorded a personal journey of their own- their journey to school or a walk as a basis for their artwork. Google Maps or Skitch were used to record their route map, time weather and things passed along the way. Students have also made use of their iPad cameras to make a ‘photo essay’ documenting their journey visually through a set of photographs. In the words of one student:

“In art this term we have used a diverse amount of materials to create our work and the iPads have been a major device and improvement to our work.”



Kirstie W, Technology rep for Arts

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