iPads in Humanities

Over the past week in Year 7, Humanities students have been using the app ‘Sock Puppets’ in a variety of ways to support their understanding and learning. In History, students have used this app to reenact key points in history. Their focus at the moment has been the Battle of Hastings. Questions like “Why I should be King?” have lead to some interesting debates. In Geography, students have been explaining Fair Trade and its issues with this app.

Max, Yasmin and Ayisha were very keen to give some comments: “Speaking through the puppets was interesting and fun”; “I liked the voices and characters it made it a fun way to explain what I knew at the end of the lesson”; and “A great way to finish a lesson and to let my teacher and myself know what I had learnt.”

There has also been further development of the use of ‘iMovie’ for an assessment task in Geography on Fair Trade. The students have been developing their independent research skills on this topic and using creativity to develop their understanding. The teachers are looking forward to watching the completed movies.

20130201-050724 PM.jpg

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