Student portfolios on iPad


A trial group of Y7 students today sharing their first entries in their Evernote portfolios..they have been shown how to tag each entry with one of our school’s learner profile attributes: caring, balanced, open-minded, reflective, principled, knowledgeable, thinker, communicator, risk-taker. There were some innovative uses of the camera, with photos of certificates achieved, positive feedback from teachers on written work, team photos, dance performances and even a picture of a full roast lamb dinner one student had proudly made for her family! I guess she tagged that under risk-taker and knowledgeable? Students certainly found out things they did not know about one another and so did staff. Evernote does not natively embed video, which is a shame, but with video now able to upload into Google drive, kids can post a web link to that. Can’t see a way to create that link on the Drive app itself, but can on the web version…

Interested to know if anyone is using a different platform for portfolios!

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