Fun iPad game for all subjects is an online bingo card maker..can use brilliantly on iPads as kids can play in pairs or individually – or can print off for other year groups Teacher (or student) enters key terms into a grid, (commonly misspelled words, geographical/historical/scientific terms, symbols, numbers, square roots, periodic table, anything!) then hit ‘Generate’ to create a web link. The following link for example is for the food vocab from the unit our Y7 French students are doing You share the same link on Edmodo but each kid magically sees a randomised card when they click the link. Genius! Teacher (or student) uses the wordlist to call out the words ie Kids tap the words they hear on their ipad and they get crossed off just like a real bingo card. Once a line is crossed off, kids have to explain the terms on that line to win the game/prize/merit.. SAMR level: Augmentation if teacher makes and directs, Modification if students make and direct the activity as this would not have been possible without technology and is therefore changing the traditional task.

20130124-103001 PM.jpg

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