Week 15: Drama

By Ashton:

“Starting secondary school is always a little scary but when we were told we were going to have iPads the whole of Year 7 were excited. We use iPads in a variety of lessons for many things from researching to creating presentations. Drama is a little different…. In Drama lessons, we use iPads to film group performances. This is a really good way for us to see how our work looks to the audience, make any changes and evaluate on what we or other groups have created. It’s easier then remembering what we did! Photos are another good way to make use of the iPads in Drama as we take pictures of still images and then look at the positioning of our bodies. All of this makes things easier to evaluate orally and write clear written reflections. The Notes and Pages apps are another way we use iPads. We record notes and ideas for ‘hotseating’ for different characters and record new information that we can use in our performances. I personally have started to use my iPad as a digital Drama book which keeps me organised. It’s been great having the iPad in school and especially in Drama as it really helps us to become more independent in class and makes you feel like a film director!”

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