Week 13: Spanish

by Lindsay:

I think the most useful app we have used so far in Spanish would be ‘Show Me’. This is because this app not only can be a mini-whiteboard, but can also be a videoing and teaching device. The first way we used this app was by answering questions using the whiteboard, which I think improved our knowledge of the way words are spelt. The next way that we used ‘Show Me’ was to create a video of ourselves and a partner demonstrating how to conjugate an -AR verb. We did this using text (or drawing with our finger) while speaking at the same time. This was a fun activity and benefited us since we could practise our pronunciation and memorise the AR verb endings. Another activity we did using the iPad was revising through the camera. Our partner would ask us the questions to help us with our speaking assessment and we would answer while the iPad is recording. Once we had done this, Señora Radcliffe played us the videos of us through her computer. We made comments on ways each other could improve their accuracy on the question answer, or ways to improve their pronunciation, and things they did well. This helped us to learn our questions more and do more revision. It also helped us to see ways to improve and help others.

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